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Repairs in controllable pitch propellers, tunnel thruster, azimuth thruster, rudder machines, reducers and gears. These are just some examples of services provided by Propulservice.

We operate with weld repairs and recoveries in controllable pitch propellers, made of bronze or stainless steel. We have the entire structure to machining services, be it light or heavy. We made the adjustment to mechanical and hydraulic propulsion systems, and modernization of rudder machinery and control systems.

Propulservice has an own vessel, which streamlines the transport of equipment that are downloaded directly from our pier. This means saving time and money and facilitate the arrival to where the customer needs.

Through our division Propulservice Underwater, is possible make inspection, repair, replacement, maintenance and vulcanizing stamp seal with the floating vessel. The company has its own team of divers, highly qualified. Underwater division may be known in details here >

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A list of our principal services:

> 1. Technical Assistance Controllable Pitch Propeller, “Water Jet”, “Tunnel Thruster” and “Rotatable Thruster”, regardless of brand and manufacturer. Overhaul. Hydraulic mechanical adjustment.

> 2. Technical Assistance in machine tiller. Overhaul.

> 3. Mechanical regulation, electronic and hydraulic in thrusters fixed or controllable pitch.

> 4. Weld repair in fixed pitch propellers and controllable with bronze and stainless steel (MIG), having the procedure and the welders certified by ABS, Bureau Veritas, DNV and Lloyd’s Register.

> 5. Vulcanization, repair and maintenance of seals sealing of any brand, even with the vessel floating.

> 6. Light and heavy machining, such as propeller shafts, propeller blades and bossos.

> 7. Modernization of parts and hydraulic control system, Controllable Pitch Propeller (HPC) by replacing electronic control.

> 8. Technical Assistance in Reversible reductive.

> 9. Repair of underwater propellers, tunnel thruster, Vertically Retractable Azimuth Thruster and Swing-up Compass Thruster. In addition to the underwater inspection services monitored, polishing and cold performance in propeller..

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